Welcome to GOSZ.PL

GOSZ Ltd. is a poultry slaughterhouse located on the outskirts of Sierakowice, a village in the District of Kartuzy. It started operating on 15th October, 1995 after complying with all the requirements imposed on food manufacturers.

Thanks to the diligence and forthrightness of Agnieszka and Jan Gosz, GOSZ Ltd., once a small family business, has flourished and become one of the biggest poultry slaughterhouses in Sierakowice, Pomeranian Voivodeship. From the very beginning of the existence of the company, the owners find honesty and merchant reliability most important. It concerns not only the weight and the price of poultry but also the company’s policy towards its employees.

Our courses of action involve live poultry slaughter as well as poultry and poultry parts sale. The company purchases livestock poultry from farmers of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and neighbouring regions. Our long-term cooperation with many of the poultry farmers fills us with pride. The company’s basic products are chicken carcass and poultry parts. Quality and safety of the produced food are the priority of GOSZ Ltd. The quality of stock and the finished product is constantly checked and undergoes monitoring tests. Due to the individual approach to customers, we sell poultry not only in Pomerania but also to the European Union and third countries. The dynamic development of the company every day challenges us to achieve more.